Mastering Color in Photoshop with John Paul Caponigro

Take your color to a whole new level. Learn new ways of thinking about color that will help you see and produce a wide variety of color effects. Topics include: 3 ways to make your images seem more light filled, 3 essential elements of color – Luminosity, Hue, and Saturation, 3 types of color – Ideal, Ambient, and Synthetic, Optical affects that influence you and your viewer, Revealing the infinitive color variations that are possible for every image, Mastering neutrals, Using atmospheric perspective to enhance depth in your images, Turning day into night, and transferring color from one subject to another. Discover strategies for identifying and creating successful color palettes. Find out how many masters from the history of art did it and then craft a unique palette all your own, one that communicates your signature style as effectively as they did. Put the unprecedented power and precision of digital color to work for you and your images now.

The Top 15 Features of Photoshop Every Photographer Should Know by Jeff Cable

Sure, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of tools and commands in Adobe Photoshop, but Jeff will teach you the top 15 to get you retouching faster and more effectively. If you are a photographer, you are not concerned with 3D, video features and hundreds of other commands. Learn the 15 key features of Photoshop that will help you take a good photo to a great photo every time.