Canon EF 101: Macro Lenses

Macro photography is all about photographing objects that are really close to the lens. Macro lenses not only let you close-in on a subject, but also allow you to zoom in on a subject that you cannot get close to. Photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski gives some tips on the best way to capture images that are up to 5 times normal size with Canon’s MPE-65mm.

Learn about Canon EF Lenses : Introduction

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Canon offers a wide range of EF lenses and lens accessories. In this 9 part video series you’ll learn all about lens basics, STM lenses, Macro lenses, Fisheye lenses, Tilt-Shift lenses, Wide Angle and Telephoto lenses. Your host for this informative series is professional photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski.

Long Exposure Photography by Matt Kloskowski

Have you ever wondered how people create these amazing pictures where you think the cloud is still moving around the stage, where flowing water turns into a ghostly fog, or where the stars in the sky seem stripes? All this is due to slow shutter speeds. Join , and it teaches you everything you need to know; on camera settings and accessories that make great exposure to the possibilities of post-processing techniques required to put your pictures to a new level. It’s time to learn how to create these dramatic images of your choice and discover a whole new world of photography.
Course Lessons:
Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 2:03)
Lesson 2: Why Long Exposure? (Duration 3:54)
Lesson 3: Gear (Duration 4:00)
Lesson 4: Camera Settings (Duration 5:29)
Lesson 5: Filters (Duration 7:49)
Lesson 6: How to Increase Shutter Speed ​​(Duration 05:50 )
Lesson 7: Common Questions (Duration 6:39)
Lesson 8: Putting it into Practice (Duration 18:48)
Lesson 9: Reviewing Photos from the Field (Duration 13:23)
Lesson 10: Dealing with Unwanted Movement (Duration 08: 12)
Lesson 11: Enhancement Techniques (Duration 05:41)