Wonderland : A Small New World

One of the best presentations on Macro photography.
Nadav Bagim has created a magical wonderland of giant toadstools, pastel skies and brightly-colored flora in which insects and other critters roam. The Wonderland series presents a remarkable creativity and originality and by using a unique but rather simple and elegant artificial lighting and household objects, from vegetables to plastic bags, Nadav was able to capture all those photos in camera without digital manipulation.In a miniature studio on his kitchen table, he captured praying mantises on mars, romantic snails kissing on a coconut hill, and lots of other surreal scenes. The series has been published in numerous magazines and websites all around the world.
In his presentation, ‘A small new world’, Nadav opens a hatch to this fascinating world, and shares with you how to create and document this hidden paradise using creativity and a lot of love for the little ones.

Canon EF 101: Macro Lenses

Macro photography is all about photographing objects that are really close to the lens. Macro lenses not only let you close-in on a subject, but also allow you to zoom in on a subject that you cannot get close to. Photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski gives some tips on the best way to capture images that are up to 5 times normal size with Canon’s MPE-65mm.

Tips for Zooming in on Wildlife and Improving Your Macro Photography with Roman Kurywczak

Ever wonder how the pros capture those stunning, action packed wildlife images? Roman will share with you his settings, tips and tricks for capturing high impact wildlife images, whether out in the Serengeti, or photographing birds in flight closer to home. Roman will demonstrate to you why cutting edge zoom lenses are the ultimate choice for capturing dramatic wildlife images wherever your travels take you.