Understanding Portrait Lenses: Part-2

In the second installment of this 2-part tutorial, Mark Wallace demonstrates the differences between wide angle and telephoto lenses for portrait photography. This video debunks the myth that wide angle lenses distort faces, shows why you should use longer zoom lenses in the studio, even a small studio. Mark also walks through the process of using a 35mm lens for environmental portraits.

Bokeh Basics with Gavin Hoey

Bokeh Basics: Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey.

Bokeh is a beautiful photography effect which can be used to create stunning images once you understand how to create it. Gavin Hoey has all the basic info you need to create bokeh and control it in camera. He then goes on to set up a really simple shot with a household light bulb, before perfecting it in Photoshop.

Backlight Photography: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich:

Just because there’s harsh midday light doesn’t mean you need to put your camera down or get out an arsenal of strobes and reflectors to try to save the day. In fact, by simply learning how to work with backlight, you will have a tool that will allow you to continue working from sunup to sundown.
In this Tech Tip, photographer and director Corey Rich works with a trail runner in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to show why backlighting works midday. He creates compelling, beautiful images by exposing for the shadows, using a shallow depth of field, and creating a natural rim light that separates his subject from the background. Learn to make any light work to your advantage by shooting backlight.