Harsh Joshi

Harsh Joshi-X-A

My name is Harsh Joshi and I am a student of class-X-A at Delhi Public School Tapi. I always wanted to learn photography and now after attending this workshop I feel have successfully perfected the basics. I would thank Mr. GR Sivakumar sir for sparing his time and teaching us photography. With him it was always fun learning and in theory part also never seemed boring to us. Sir always wanted us to perfectly understand the concept first and then try it out. I enjoyed throughout the photography camp. Taking pictures of nature, landscapes and many other things is just an enjoyable experience and also exploring nature is an exceptional feeling. Not only those with DSLRs would enjoy but many of the beginners would be able to understand and absorb the concepts. Finally I would say that there were many new things which I learnt during the session and would like to thank sir for it.