Creating something from nothing

‘Blank’ is one of six experiments from The Lab, designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens.
Creativity needs nothing but you.To prove this they invited 6 photographers to a studio shoot. What they didn’t know: The studio was empty. Props and Selfies weren’t allowed. The photographers who participated in this experiment: Matt McLarty, Jacqueline Hamilton, Libby Morris and Emma Wertheim.

Wonderland : A Small New World

One of the best presentations on Macro photography.
Nadav Bagim has created a magical wonderland of giant toadstools, pastel skies and brightly-colored flora in which insects and other critters roam. The Wonderland series presents a remarkable creativity and originality and by using a unique but rather simple and elegant artificial lighting and household objects, from vegetables to plastic bags, Nadav was able to capture all those photos in camera without digital manipulation.In a miniature studio on his kitchen table, he captured praying mantises on mars, romantic snails kissing on a coconut hill, and lots of other surreal scenes. The series has been published in numerous magazines and websites all around the world.
In his presentation, ‘A small new world’, Nadav opens a hatch to this fascinating world, and shares with you how to create and document this hidden paradise using creativity and a lot of love for the little ones.

The Thrill of Victory: Sports Photography by Jeff Cable

Always part of the action, Jeff Cable has photographed hundreds of sports events and is a three time Olympic photographer. He is just returning from the London Olympics where he shot photos for Team USA. Jeff visits the B&H Event Space to share tips and techniques on how to take the best sports photos by capturing those split second moments that you want to remember forever. Regardless of whether you are shooting a professional event or your child’s next game, Jeff will give you some great ideas to take images that will wow your friends and family. See some of Jeff’s high action images and learn the best settings for your camera, the best equipment choices, and the best compositions to get some real winner shots. Jeff is one of our most popular speakers at B&H and makes sure that his presentations are full of useful information and really fun as well.

Jeff Cable’s Work