Growing creativity one photo at a time

If you look hard enough you will find inspiration everywhere. To prove this 6 photographers were given everyday objects and one simple rule. Nobody shoots the same photo twice.
‘Evolution’ is one of six experiments from The Lab, designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens. Photographers who participated in this experiment: Deb Mooney, Michael Anderson, Kate Kabrovski, Jen Gwynne, Cassandra Kevin and Mark Mancq


Developing Visual Literacy through Participatory Photography

Recent technological developments have caused a seismic shift in modern literacy practices. We are moving rapidly away from the traditional dominance of the written word on the printed page towards a new, image-led communication landscape. Visual literacy is the ability to read, understand and question the meanings of images that saturate our everyday lives.
Matthew Sowerby has a BA(Hons) in Photographic Studies and a Masters in Education. After working as a freelance photographer Matthew began teaching photography, initially in Glasgow and most recently as senior lecturer in Photography, Art & Design at Edinburgh College. An early-adopter of user-driven networked communities of practice to support learning, Matthew is currently researching the central role of digital photography in modern literacy practices.

Monika Bulaj: The hidden light of Afghanistan

Photographer Monika Bulaj shares powerful, intimate images of Afghanistan — of home life, of ritual, of men and women. Behind the headlines, what does the world truly know about this place?

Why you should listen:

Monika Bulaj is a photographer and writer who explores — in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe — the dim areas of monotheism, where the sacred can transcend borders: Bonfires, dances, cults of the dead, possession rites. She describes outskirts and deserts, frontiers and megalopolis. And the world of the last ones: nomads, farmers, immigrants, outcasts, untouchables and impure.

Her photos and reportaging have been published by GEO, National Geographic (Italy), La Repubblica, periodicals by Gruppo Espresso and Rcs, Courrier International, Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland), Internazionale, Freundin, Teatr (Poland) and other international magazines.
She has displayed more than 50 personal exibitions in Italy, Germany, Ungheria, Bulgaria, Egypt.

Her books include Libya felix, a travel into Sufism and the world of the Tuaregh; Figli di Noè, on minorities and faiths in Azerbaijian; Rebecca e la pioggia, on the nomadic tribe of the Dinka of South Sudan; Gerusalemme perduta with Paolo Rumiz, the special correspondent of La Repubblica, on the pellegrinage in the research of the Eastern Christians; Genti di Dio, viaggio nell’Altra Europa, a synthesis of 20 years of research in East Europe and Israel, and her latest book, Bozy ludzie.

She has screenwritten documentaries, among which is the movie Romani Rat (2002) by M. Orlandi, on the Holocaust of the Roms, with the contribution of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. She’s the director, photography director, and screenwriter of the documentary Figli di Noè, about the villages of Caucasus on the border between Dagestan and Azerbaigian.

Photography for the Greater Good: Making a Difference with David Middleton

There is more to photography than camera club competitions and filling your walls with prints. Photography can also be about helping someone else. Using images from Bhutan, Uganda, Kenya, Vermont and New Mexico, this program will highlight the simple and profound effects your photography can have on improving other people’s lives whether it is in your own neighborhood or in a country far away. If you think photography is only about bringing glory to yourself this program is not for you. If you think photography could be used for the greater good, David will show you how. It’s a wonderful thing.

Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition with Ian Plant

In this presentation, Ian teaches you how to see the world in ways you never before imagined, drawing lessons from his critically-acclaimed hit book “Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition.” Visual Flow unlocks the composition secrets of the great masters, giving you the keys to create compelling and artistic photographs that will stand out from the crowd.

Scott Kelby’s Crush the Composition – Google+ Photographers Conference

Scott Kelby, the world’s #1 bestselling photography book author, presents his groundbreaking class that changes the way photographers learn composition. This isn’t another one of those “rules of thirds, leading lines, repeating pattern classes” but an entirely new concept that has absolutely resounded with thousands of photographers around the world who have hailed this eye-opening concept a truly career changing experience. You don’t want to miss it. Produced by