See Beyond Darkness by Canon

Expanding viewers’ horizons through technology, Canon has pushed its creative boundaries with a new “Canon See Impossible” video that celebrate Canon’s commitment to making the seemingly impossible possible. This new video – “See Beyond Darkness”– showcases the capabilities of Canon imaging technology which enables researchers, professional photographers, cinematographers and enthusiasts to shoot impactful clear, crisp imagery, even when masked in darkness due to extremely low-light conditions.

In “See Beyond Darkness,” the impossible assignment for Director of Photography Andy Casagrande was to record images of a rare biofluorescent turtle found only in the remote, unspoiled reefs of the Solomon Islands. The low-light capabilities of Canon’s ME20F-SH Multipurpose Camera and EOS-1D X DSLR camera enabled researchers to capture vivid images without disturbing the natural environment.

The Making of See Beyond Darkness

This “Behind the Scenes” video chronicles the expedition and the adventure of recording what had previously been beyond perception. Hear how “See Beyond Darkness” Director Klaus Obermeyer and Cinematographer Andy Casagrande utilized Canon technology and what the incredible images mean to researchers and cinematographers alike.