Creating something from nothing

‘Blank’ is one of six experiments from The Lab, designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens.
Creativity needs nothing but you.To prove this they invited 6 photographers to a studio shoot. What they didn’t know: The studio was empty. Props and Selfies weren’t allowed. The photographers who participated in this experiment: Matt McLarty, Jacqueline Hamilton, Libby Morris and Emma Wertheim.

Nikon D5: Inspired

Go behind the scenes with Nikon photographers Matthias Hangst, Ole Jørgen Liodden, Bill Frakes, Mirco Lazzari, and Dixie Dixon as they give you an inside look into their photography world with the Nikon D5.

Designed to transcend boundaries, the Nikon D5 is a powerhouse that lets you capture images no other camera can and express your creativity in exactly the way you imagined. Designed with a new generation autofocus (AF) system with 153 focus points and 99 cross-type sensors, shoot in any situation with a new level of precision. No matter how fast the action, capture it all with the D5 that shoots up to 12 frames per second (fps) with AE/ AF tracking or at up to 14 fps with mirror up.