Canon EF 101: Macro Lenses

Macro photography is all about photographing objects that are really close to the lens. Macro lenses not only let you close-in on a subject, but also allow you to zoom in on a subject that you cannot get close to. Photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski gives some tips on the best way to capture images that are up to 5 times normal size with Canon’s MPE-65mm.

Photographing Wild Alaska and Japan’s Winter Wildlife, with Robert O’Toole

Wildlife photographer and Sigma pro Robert O’Toole takes viewers on an entertaining and exciting presentation of the spectacular snow covered country side of Japan that makes an ideal backdrop for photographing Japan’s rare and unique wildlife. During this spectacular image show we will visit not only the world famous Snow Monkeys but also one of the rarest and most photogenic birds in the world the Japanese Red-Crowned Cranes as they perform their graceful mating dances, and more including the largest eagles in the world, the Steller’s Sea Eagle. This presentation will appeal to anyone that enjoys wildlife and appreciates the photographer’s challenging role in capturing the beauty and drama of the natural world in the harsh and challenging conditions in wintertime Japan.