Long Exposure Photography by Matt Kloskowski

Have you ever wondered how people create these amazing pictures where you think the cloud is still moving around the stage, where flowing water turns into a ghostly fog, or where the stars in the sky seem stripes? All this is due to slow shutter speeds. Join , and it teaches you everything you need to know; on camera settings and accessories that make great exposure to the possibilities of post-processing techniques required to put your pictures to a new level. It’s time to learn how to create these dramatic images of your choice and discover a whole new world of photography.
Course Lessons:
Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 2:03)
Lesson 2: Why Long Exposure? (Duration 3:54)
Lesson 3: Gear (Duration 4:00)
Lesson 4: Camera Settings (Duration 5:29)
Lesson 5: Filters (Duration 7:49)
Lesson 6: How to Increase Shutter Speed ​​(Duration 05:50 )
Lesson 7: Common Questions (Duration 6:39)
Lesson 8: Putting it into Practice (Duration 18:48)
Lesson 9: Reviewing Photos from the Field (Duration 13:23)
Lesson 10: Dealing with Unwanted Movement (Duration 08: 12)
Lesson 11: Enhancement Techniques (Duration 05:41)

How to Become a Successful Travel and Adventure Photographer, with Lucas Gilman

Lucas Gilman takes you on a visual adventure around the world sharing vibrant images ranging from kayaking in India, Brazil, and Costa Rica, to extreme skiing in Alaska, Wyoming and South America. He shares laughable stories from his travels, expeditions and major events such as the Ironman, Kentucky Derby and Tour de France. Along the way he will inspire your inner adventurer to pursue your next great journey!

Photography for the Greater Good: Making a Difference with David Middleton

There is more to photography than camera club competitions and filling your walls with prints. Photography can also be about helping someone else. Using images from Bhutan, Uganda, Kenya, Vermont and New Mexico, this program will highlight the simple and profound effects your photography can have on improving other people’s lives whether it is in your own neighborhood or in a country far away. If you think photography is only about bringing glory to yourself this program is not for you. If you think photography could be used for the greater good, David will show you how. It’s a wonderful thing.

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